British Terrain Pattern has fast become one of the more popular military camos' globally. The shades allow the wearer to blend into not only a woodland environment but also desert which does away with need for two uniforms. Whether its BTP trousers,shirts or t-shirts or BTP equipment such as rucksacks,backpacks,pouches ,plate carriers,molle vests or chest rigs..chances are it's here. UK Cadet forces will know that Kombat uk make the official cadet kit, which gives you an insight into the quality of the brand. Airsofters will also vouch for the quality of these products as they put them through some of the most vigorous tests when battling it style! This camo has also become particularly familiar on the streetwear scene,possibly soon overtaking the now redundant, and increasingly difficult to find soldier '95 camo. What you can be sure of though in whichever British camo product takes your that price,functionality and quality are at the forefront.