If it's "disposable" clothing you're after then sorry  but you're on the wrong site. At The Back Alley Army Store we only sell what we believe to be decent, hard wearing kit that performs how it's supposed to ,functions as it should,but is also priced so you haven't got make a decision between paying your bills AND looking the part. It's hard these days finding REAL quality clothing but it's here with price tags to suit. Our  kombat brand military type t-shirts are made from 100% pre- shrunk cotton and have a twin needle stitch  in the areas where it most matters so you really get longevity and outstanding value for money. Our camo t-shirts are 100% cotton but please allow for a very small degree of shrinkage...only being honest!. All other pieces of military/ tactical clothing, jackets etc are manufactured to a standard more associated with "high end" brands. But because we understand the value of hard earned money, you'll NEVER knowingly be sold poor quality. If we don't like the quality, no matter what the design, no matter the price it simply won't appear on the page. If it's airsoft/paintball kit you're after then it's Kombat Tactical and Viper although both manufactures have managed to nail it so their tactical clothing slips nicely into the military fashion/streetwear genre. Brandit have revitalized old original military classics  including the fishtail parka and U.S M-65 and there's just SO much more to come from all featured brands. Functionality,style AND durability all at affordable prices.

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