Army Surplus

Here you'll find the increasingly hard to find ORIGINAL military surplus. The majority of items are in a USED condition unless stated otherwise as they have actually been used by the Military of their origin. You'll also find some really well made repros in the traditional styles. Although extreme care is taken to convert sizes to ones that people actually understand,please be aware that there is a NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGE policy on the Original items. If you're REALLY into surplus you'll also be aware that some pieces carry quite a distinct odour. This is no grounds for discrepancies. Once paid for,they're yours and yours only but those of you who know us and the way we do business will know that this not an issue as we will only send the best of what we've got. If you order and it comes to our attention that an item is not to a standard we would be happy to receive ourselves,you will be contacted to discuss the condition or "characteristics" as we like to call it with the option to cancel the order BEFORE it has been processed as once it's been sent...that's it!

With the Original surplus you get strength,practicality and ingenuity. Some pieces you'll also recognise from high street stores as the fashion element has been embraced by a more mainstream collective.

Can't see what you're after? Why not contact us? With 20 years experience in the surplus game,there's every chance we know a man!