Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho US Woodland
Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho US Woodland
Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho US Woodland
Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho US Woodland
Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho US Woodland
Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho US Woodland

Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho US Woodland


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Stay hidden and blend seamlessly with your surroundings with the Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho in US Woodland. This lightweight and compressible hooded camouflage poncho is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast looking to stay concealed during hunting, wildlife photography, or even paintball games.

Crafted with a high level of breathability and damp-proof material, this poncho ensures your comfort even during extended periods in the great outdoors. The one-size-fits-all design makes it suitable for everyone, while the set of lines and hooks on the edges allows you to adjust the fit to your liking.

The Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho features an innovative design with artificial two-sided printed leaves in the classic Woodland pattern. This enhances its camouflage effectiveness, making you virtually invisible to your prey or opponents. Additionally, the poncho is stitched over with a cord, allowing you to tie additional material to further enhance your camouflage.

For added convenience, this poncho comes with a compression bag that makes it easy to pack and carry. Made from 100% polyester, it is durable and built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions.

Get the Helikon Leaf Ghillie Poncho in US Woodland today and elevate your camouflage game to the next level. Stay hidden, stay comfortable, and stay ahead of the game.

Product Summary:

- Lightweight and compressible hooded camouflage poncho
- Highly breathable and damp-proof for extended comfort
- One size fits all with adjustable lines and hooks
- Artificial two-sided printed leaves in Woodland pattern for enhanced camouflage
- Stitched over with a cord for attaching additional material
- Comes with a compression bag for easy packing and carrying
- Made from durable 100% polyester material
- Perfect for hunting, wildlife photography

Specifications Summary:

- Brand: Helikon
- Sizing: One size fits all
- Material: 100% polyester
- Camouflage pattern: Woodland
- Additional features: Adjustable lines and hooks, cord for attaching additional material, compression bag

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