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Modular fast rig-BTP

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Modular fast rig-BTP by Kombat Tactical. "OOOHHHH NNOOOOOO! I FORGOT MY PISTOL MAGS!" And WHY did you forget them? Because you've got things here and things there. As you were organising your kit, you didn't take into account that as you answered the door, the dog jumped up onto the table and knocked one of your mag pouches off which subsequently got kicked under the sofa. In the haste, you just stash it all into your bag,remembering that it was all there when you went to answer the door so surely must be now. When you get to the game,you got little ammo and that little mag be all the difference.Why not keep it simple with the modular fast rig? The fewer parts, the less to go wrong....right? If you haven't got a dog you can apply this scenario to any jumpy thing, or consider that things may just fall out of your bag. The quad point molle straps keep this rig very securely fastened to your plate carrier and the bungee retention straps keep all of your mags( ALL 7 OF THEM!) in place and exactly where you want them. Less is more was a phrase MADE for this type of kit. If your such a hot shot why use one of the pouches as a utility storage?


• Bungee stacking system
• 3 x rifle/magazine pouches
• 4 x pistol mag/utility tool pouches
• Molle attachments with poppers on rear
• Same body molle tabs
• Fast access open top rig
• Will fit a variety of rifle and pistol magazines
• Made from 600D Tac-Poly
• Dimensions: 26 x 14 x 6cm












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Modular fast rig-Btp camo multiple mag pouches
Modular fast rig-Btp camo multiple mag pouches
Modular fast rig-BTP
Modular fast rig-Btp camo multiple mag pouches
Modular fast rig-Btp camo multiple mag pouches
Modular fast rig-BTP