Seriously...we're not mucking about here! Hands in the air if you fancy working hard,long hours to treat yourself to a piece of overpriced,substandard clothing every now and then! Didn't think so. Here at The Back Alley Army Store we understand what hard graft is and the frustration of spending money on what you THINK is a good quality piece of clothing,only to be disappointed on your first outing. That's why we only sell quality. No rubbish. Quality... at decent prices. If it's rubbish you want then you need to look elsewhere. The tactical range of clothing we offer by Kombat Tactical and Viper Tactical are manufactured to put up with the beef that modern man needs to put it through from day to day. No messin'.....they're clothes to take your stress out on. Primarily designed as airsoft/military style tactical clothing, their sleek designs and practically has seen them worm their way into the mainstream and thank the man upstairs for that(see the Patriot softshell jacket as a prime example)!! The Brandit range has seen old classics revived, some with a more modern twist. The M-65 GIANT for instance....OH BOY! You won't understand until it's in your hands what quality this German company produces. Elasticated collars and cuffs where stated make you feel like your being bearhugged by a pussycat and the removable linings give you an extra season to get your wear out of them. Our range of army style/tactical jackets is only going to get bigger so if not this year, consider us a safe pair of hands for the next. But be warned..production of these garms is not endless and what's here today may not be tomorrow! Unsure about sizing and are London based? You'll also see some new peices"soulja military sourced". These items have received excellent feedback from our retail store...so why not? Some products are available INSTORE, try before you buy! Please note this service is not available on all products so please call beforehand.