Kombat UK Kids Adventure Vest Set - BTP
Kombat UK Kids Adventure Vest Set - BTP
Kombat UK Kids Adventure Vest Set - BTP

Kombat UK Kids Adventure Vest Set - BTP

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Gear up your little adventurer with our Kids Adventure Vest Set - BTP. This set includes everything they need for their outdoor escapades. First up, we have the Kids Assault Vest - BTP.

Made from lightweight breathable mesh, this vest features adjustable straps on the shoulders, front, and sides. With 9 pockets on the front, it offers plenty of storage space. Plus, it's made from tough and durable 600D Tac-Poly, ensuring it can withstand any adventure. Next, we have the DPM Kids Baseball Cap. Made from polycotton ripstop, this cap is fully adjustable with a Velcro adjuster. It's perfect for shielding them from the sun while they explore.

The set also includes a Small Angle Torch in military olive green. Complete with filters and batteries, this torch is ready for action. For jotting down their discoveries, we have the Mini Waterproof Notebook. With 50 waterproof pages, it's the ideal pocket-sized notepad. The 7 in 1 Whistle is a must-have tool for any young adventurer. It includes a whistle, compass, storage compartment, magnifier, thermometer, and LED light. Hydration is important, so we've included the BTP Water Bottle. It comes in a durable pouch and has a water purification tablet pocket.

Lastly, we have the Tactical Carabiner in coyote. Made from tough ABS plastic, this carabiner is a versatile accessory. All items come in a full-color display box. Get your little one ready for their next adventure with our Kids Adventure Vest Set - BTP.

Product Summary:

- Lightweight and breathable Kids Assault Vest with adjustable straps and 9 pockets for storage
- Fully adjustable Kids Baseball Cap for sun protection
- Small Angle Torch in military olive green with filters and batteries included
- Mini Waterproof Notebook with 50 waterproof pages for jotting down discoveries
- 7 in 1 Whistle with multiple useful functions
- BTP Water Bottle with a durable pouch and purification tablet pocket
- Tactical Carabiner made from tough ABS plastic

Specifications Summary:

- Brand: Kombat UK
- Sizing: Kids size
- Materials: Vest - lightweight breathable mesh and 600D Tac-Poly; Baseball Cap - polycotton ripstop; Torch - military olive green; Notebook - waterproof pages; Whistle - multiple materials; Water Bottle - durable pouch; Carabiner - tough ABS plastic
- Other specifications: Vest - adjustable straps on shoulders, front, and sides; 9 pockets on the front; Torch - filters and batteries included; Whistle - whistle, compass, storage compartment, magnifier, thermometer, and LED light; Water Bottle - water purification tablet pocket

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