shemagh-white on black

Shemagh-White on Black

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Shemagh-White on Black. Shemagh, arabic style scarf, keffiyeh(spellcheck!), what ever you wanna call it, there's no denying it's a shhh....mashingly hot piece of kit!. Whether using it to shield your bonce from the baking hot sun, as a cozy piece of winter apparel for your Gregory or as a makeshift picnic blanket for 4 or 5 people gathered around a single bowl of wotsits or can'o'lager perched only on their knees at a music festival, it is a stunningly versatile design considering it's one square piece of cloth! Little trick for you to judge the quality of things like this...hold it up to the light. If you can see straight through's crap. Any of you whom have bought from here before know the deal. No crap sold policy. Now get stuck in!

  • 100% cotton scarf/headwrap
  • 115cm x 120cm approx
  • Woven, not printed, detail

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